Net10 Wireless Apn Settings – USA 2018 5G, 4G LTE, Android, Iphone

Internet Settings Net10 Wireless (USA)

Learn how to configure the Net10 Wireless mobile Internet, with the Apn setting for customers in use. repair the connection on your phone. So you can enjoy your data plan with the best 4G LTE and 5G coverage. Net10 Wireless Is a company that provides broadband Internet service. It is one of the most demanded in the market, because it does not force you to fulfill any contract, you can also change your mobile and plan service at the time you want without any penalties.

Net10 Wireless Apn Settings - USA

Porque Ajustar el Apn de Net10 Wireless

The apn is an important parameter in every smart phone, whether it is a tablet phone, or bam, NET10, just as every telephone company must have an Apn code, which is responsible for establishing a connection between the device and the telephone line. If this parameter is not in its place of origin, the phone can only connect to the Internet if it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The rest can not make any connection with the Net 10 Sim Card. This will make it difficult for the team to navigate in the fastest Internet coverage 4G LTE

First Actions to Adjust the Access Point, Iphone, Android

The first thing you should do is go to the settings application, Android has a path and the Iphone, Ipad systems have another different way to get to the same Apn document.

Android Version 4

Configurations / Wireless connections and networks / Mobile networks / APN

Android Versión 6

Settings / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names

Settings on Iphone, Ipad, IOS

Mobile data> Mobile data options> Mobile data network

As the document on Android is known as Access Point Names and on Iphone systems, Ipad Mobile data network, now you should look for the option to delete profile previously configured, To make a new adjustment, That does not cause a problem when connecting.

Net10 Wireless Apn Settings - 5G, 4G LTE, Android, Iphone

What is the Apn Net10 Wireless (USA)

Here you have the Apn code of Net10 Wireless, only for client in the united states, now you only have to create a profile with the present data, they must be written as they are there, because a writing error would mean, a bad configuration and the Internet does not I would connect.

  • Name: net10
  • APN: tfdata
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 80

After creating the profile with the indicated parameters, you must turn the phone off and on. so that the net10 Apn configuration can take effect.

I’m still without mobile data: I’m desperate

Do not despair if you made the configuration of the access point, and your phone still does not connect with your data plan, because they may be presenting other failures so you must read this information Here. where they talk about things that may be happening in this case.

Video Explaining Steps to Adjust the Net10 Wireless

Recommendations to Finish

If you complied with the steps as described in this entry, you should have no problem when adjusting the access point, in case it happens again, and you do not have to connect to a PC to find the Apn parameter. You can locate a phone that has the Net10 Sim Card, and follow the route you saw in this entry to get the parameter to adjust, Another suggestion that I make is that you save this page in the bookmarks, so that on another occasion you get the information fast and you do not have much time to adjust your phone.


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