Apn Settings Sprint – USA 2018 Android, Iphone, Ipad, 4G LTE, 5G

Internet Settings Sprint (USA)

In this publication we will give the steps to establish the mobile Internet. through the Sprint Apn configuration, for client in the United States. With simple steps we can solve this Internet connection problem. Applies to any mobile that has the ability to lift 3G and 4G LTE coverage, regardless of the operating system you have. As long as the team has the Sim Card system to connect to the Internet. It can be equipment with Android or Iphone systems.

Apn Settings Sprint - USA

Importance of the Sprint Apn Configuration

The Apn is one of the most important settings in a phone. Because he is the one in charge of giving mobile Internet to the devices, nowadays all the applications of the telephone need to be connected to the Internet. When this problem occurs, the access point of the telephony, in this case Sprint, is badly written or failing. It is not set, This setting is lost if you change the Sim Card or when the phones are restored factory values. An update to the phone’s Room causes this setting to be lost.

First settings for the configuration Sprint Apn

First of all what you should do is locate the routes that come next, they will take you to the desired folder to make the adjustment.

Android Version 4

Configurations / Wireless connections and networks / Mobile networks / APN

Android Versión 6

Settings / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names

Settings on Iphone, Ipad, IOS

Mobile data> Mobile data options> Mobile data network

When you get the indicated option you should create a new data profile, with the parameters set out below.

Apn Settings Sprint - Android, Iphone, Ipad, 4G LTE,5G, 3G

What is the Sprint Apn (USA)

Here you have the parameters of the Apn, which the Sprint company established to achieve the connection with the data, remember that only applies to users within the United States, If you are outside the territory, you must locate the corresponding data with that country.

Name: Sprint
APN: cinet.spcs
MMS proxy:
MMS port: Blank
MCC: 234
MNC: 15

Alternate Settings Sprint

APN Name: Sprint
APN: cinet.spcs
Proxy blank
Username blank
Password blank
MMSC http://mms.sprintpcs.com/servlets/mms
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 120
Authentication Type
APN Protocol IPv4

After having created the user profile with the corresponding data, and have saved the changes. you must proceed to turn the equipment off and on. so that the changes work correctly.

I’m still without mobile data: I’m desperate

In the case that you have done everything as indicated in this publication and your problem continues, I recommend you read this Post detailing other problems that must be presented in relation to the mobile connection.

Video Explaining Steps to Adjust the Sprint Apn

Tips to Finish

I hope that the information provided on this page has been very helpful. I remind you that the Apn will always be the same, so when you are presented with this problem again, you can go to a friend or a relative you have. The Sim Card of the telephony, and take out the corresponding data. Any doubt you can leave it in the comments box and together we will look for a solution to your problem in case you have not worked with these recommendations.

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