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Internet Settings Verizon (USA)

Verizon Apn Settings. In this publication we will see the correct way to operate the Verizon data plans. One of the most reputable companies in the territory of the United States.

Its services cover much of the US territory and they are of excellent quality. Just enter the website we can see that their services are divided into residential, business and wireless devices.

In this publication we will focus on the correct configuration of your APN in order to enjoy their data plans.

If you already have a data service provided by the company Verizon you can continue reading this publication. Remember these steps only work with that company.

For Android users, you must locate this setting where Verizon put the APN.

Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>

What is the Verizon Apn (USA)

Look at the picture. Red letters indicate the correct configuration to be performed.

Verizon Apn settings

Alternative Configuration

There is an alternative configuration if the above does not work with your computer. We recommend trying the above if not resort to this alternative.

Apn Settings Verizon - USA

Often the setting will take effect only when the computer restarts. In other equipment will begin operating at the same time.

How could you see are simple steps, you do not need advanced knowledge to run it. If you worked you can comment and leave your experience. Or if you run into any problems you can also comment and thus find a solution together. Any attempt to spam will be deleted permanently.

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