Apn Settings 2019 IOS and Android – 4G LTE 5G, 3G, EDGE, MMS.

What is the Apn and how to Settings

Settings the Apn is a simple procedure that all users must do in case it is not established. The access point is a document within a specific folder. that helps the Sim card of a phone communicate with each other, getting connected with the coverage present in the area. Which may vary depending on the place. And from the capacity of the receiving team, He can lift the fastest coverage of the date that is 4G LTE. or 3G. Each company has its Access Point value, so to make the configuration of the apn, it is necessary to take into account, where you are and telephony present.

Apn Settings IOS and Android

How to Configure the Access Point in Android Devices

Learn how to configure Apn on Android devices, Android operating systems were born in mid 2008, created by Google. Today has an endless number of applications that make life easier for users. To configure the Apn on an Android device, you must follow these steps described.

Apn Settings and Android - 4G LTE, 3G,

Android  Versión 4

Configurations / Wireless connections and networks / Mobile networks / APN

Android Versión 6

Settings / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names

After getting the indicated document, you only have to copy the Apn of the telephony and save the changes, from that moment you can enjoy without any problem the plan of the telephony of the Sim card.

How to configure the Apn on Iphone devices, Ipad

The Iphone devices are considered high-end equipment to configure an Iphone device, Ipad, you must follow a path that will take you starting with the mobile data folder that will reach the mobile data network folder.

Apn Settings IOS, Iphone, Ipad - 4G LTE, 3G

Settings on Iphone, Ipad, IOS

Mobile data> Mobile data options> Mobile data network

After there, you only have to write the Apn of the telephony to save the changes, and from that moment you can enjoy the mobile Internet on your Iphone or Ipad.

How to configure the Apn on Windows Phone devices

To configure the Internet through the Apn on Windows Phone computers, you must continue with the present route. below, are computers made by windows that came to market 2010. 

Configuration> Wireless and network connection> Mobile network and Sim> Sim configuration> APN for the Internet.

After reaching the folder with the name of Apn Internet, you must enter the Apn of the Sim Card telephony and proceed to save the changes.

Types of coverage (3G / 4GLTE)

The types of coverages present today in all countries is 3G and 4G lTE. 3G is understood as the third generation coverage, where users can transfer data from the Internet, which allows a mobile, download a program and surf the Internet freely with a minimum data transfer. It offers better security than the 2G network, because it allows to authenticate the network to which it connects, which in other generations was impossible to do.

The 4GLTE coverage. It is the successor of 2G and 3G technologies. It is based on an ip protocol, which makes it safer than previous generations. It allows a speed transfer higher than 100 Mbit / s, which meets the requirements of the clients, allowing the quality of service.

Mobile telephony in the United States

Mobile telephony in the United States, are companies dedicated to providing telephone and Internet service throughout the territory, each with the best quality of service and with different characteristics in terms of plans adapting the needs of their customers.

The largest telephones in the United States are: verizon, Simple Mobile, LycaMobile, Sprint, Tracfone, T Mobile, H2O Wireless, AT&T, Speedtalk Mobile, I Wireless, GoSmart, Boost Mobile, Straight Talk, Net10, Apn Settings Family Mobile, Cricket Wireless

How to configure the Apn of the Telephony in the United States

As we have described in this post to configure Apn in the US telephony, the first thing you should do is locate the convenient route according to the mobile device to be configured, After that you will have to create a user profile with the Apn of telephony, If you do not know it down here will be the list with all the values of the apn, for the united states.

List of Apn Telephonics to Configure in the United States

Here you have the list with all the values of the Access Point to Configure your Equipment in Usa. When you enter the link that you will get with the detailed information to configure the Apn, and the routes that you must follow according to your operating system.

Simple Mobile APN

LycaMobile APN

Sprint APN

Tracfone APN

T Mobile APN

Verizon APN

H2O Wireless APN

Family Mobile APN

Cricket Wireless APN

Net10 Wireless APN

Straight Talk APN


How to configure the Apn of the Telephone Lines in United Kingdom