EE Apn Settings – UK 2019 4G LTE/5G Iphone, Ipad Android, Htc

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Internet Apn Settings EE (United Kingdom)

Learn how to Settings the EE internet, with the apn method a setting that applies to any device, be it an android, Iphone, windows phone, Is an operator that has its platform installed in the UK, providing one of the best mobile data services. In each telephony there is a different way of accessing the mobile wireless network. The telephone APN must be configured. In this publications you will know how to adjust the Access Point Name for the territory of the United Kingdom. And so enjoy your mobile data plan.

EE Apn Settings - UK 2019

Importance of EE Apn in a Telephone

The apn is a value that allows a computer to have Internet, allow communication between the Sim card, and the customer’s plan, Today is of utmost importance, have Internet on the phone, everything that can be done there depends of a 4GLTE connection, OR 5G, To be able to talk with your friends, send an email, or keep informed with the events that happen in the world, in real time, here we are going to teach you how to adjust the access point in the way faster.

Start of the EE Apn Setting 5G/4G LTE (United Kingdom)

To begin with the adjustment, the client must go to the mobile configurations folder. If it is Android systems, it must follow the indicated route for those types of systems, and for the equipment with Iphone systems there is another one, Aca under described both.

Android Version 4

Configurations / Wireless connections and networks / Mobile networks / APN

Android Versión 6

Settings / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names

Settings on Iphone, Ipad, IOS

Mobile data> Mobile data options> Mobile data network

When you get the section that was indicated, you should look for the option that gives you to create a new profile. Note, if you see that there are other profiles there, you should delete them, so that they do not cause problems with the new profile that you are about to configure.

EE Apn Settings - UK 2019 4G LTE/5G Iphone, Ipad Android, Htc

What is the EE Apn 4G LTE (United Kingdom)

This is the value of the Apn established by EE, for customers within United Kingdom, you must create a profile with the present data, “attention” you must be careful when you are creating the profile a typing error will make the adjustments not be achieved correctly.

EE Apn 4G LTE (United Kingdom)
  • Name: EE internet
  • APN: everywhere
  • Username: eesecure
  • Password: secure
  • MMSC: http://mms/
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 8080
  • MCC: 234
  • MNC: 30

You may have noticed that not all the boxes are mentioned. It is because they are not all important, but the important ones are those that are shown only.

I’m still without mobile data: I’m desperate

In few occasions it happens that the team after adjusting the Apn, still does not establish the mobile data, if it is your case you must read this Post where they detail what may be happening here, and its solution.

Video detailing the steps for the Apn setting of EE

Here we present a video where you can see all the steps that have been explained above, with this video you can check if you are making the adjustment well, or you are skipping a step.

Suggestions for endings

We would like to know your opinion regarding your experience, to know if it is necessary to improve something when adjusting the EE Apn, always remember that the value of the Apn will always be the same, and if it happens again in an opportunity, you can solve it more quickly, locating a team of a family member or friend, with the EE Sim card, and from there you can extract the corresponding data and adjust your device by returning the mobile Internet.

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