Public Mobile Apn Settings Canada 2017 – 4G LTE, 3G, Android, Iphone

Internet Settings Public Mobile  (Canada)

Learn about the configuration of the Public Mobile Apn in Canada. In this entry we will see how to establish the mobile Internet through the access point between the data plan and the cell phone. This setting applies to both Android and Iphone models.

Public Mobile Apn Settings Canada

Importance of the parameter

The access point, known as the Apn. It is the only one in charge of making the connection with the plan of the telephone. making every system with telephone line. can navigate in 3g / 4g lte coverage. through the mobile Internet. this setting is lost if the machine factory settings are restored. or at the time you change your service provider. because the parameters of the previous telephony are set. Set up the apn, it’s simple just follow the steps below and you can get your mobile Internet. without any problem.

Users with android systems should follow these steps.

Android  Versión 4

Configurations / Wireless connections and networks / Mobile networks / APN

Android Versión 6

Settings / Mobile Networks / Access Point Names

Settings on Iphone, Ipad, IOS

Mobile data> Mobile data options> Mobile data network

After carrying to the indicated folder you must modify the data with the following parameters

Public Mobile Apn (Canada)

These are the configuration data for public mobile in the country of Canada. It is mandatory to write the data as shown below.

  • Name: Public Mobile
  • APN:
  • MMSC:
  • MMSC proxy:
  • MMS port: 80
  • MCC: 302
  • MNC: 220

These are the essential parameters in the configuration. after modifying you just save the changes and restart the phone. and so you can return the mobile Internet to your phone.

Public Mobile Apn Settings 4G LTE, Android,

Final Tips

If you managed to do all the steps as explained in this entry and your phone fails to set the access point, perhaps it is because it is not an Apn error. and your phone has technical problems. I recommend you go to a Public Mobile Help Desk. and tell them about your case.

In case you need to reconfigure the Apn later, and you can not find it on a computer, you can ask any Public Mobil user for help. because the Apn parameter applies to all users regardless of the operating system that uses apn, it will be the same for everyone. So you can remove it borrowed the parameter and configure the phone. no need to go back to this entrance.

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